We need your help writing better documentation

  • Good documentation is what separates good open source projects from great ones.
  • Documentation is a community effort.
  • Even a little bit of documentation is better than none.
  • A rough draft is better than none.
  • If we all wrote a little documentation, it adds up to a lot.

How to contribute to the documentation

The docs are located in the source Docs/ folder. They are built with MkDocs.

  • If you spot an error in the documentation, fix it. This is the simplest way to contribute.
  • If you notice some missing or out of date information, add it. This is the next simplest way to contribute.
  • If there's something completely missing, write a stub page. It's a start.
  • If you want to go a step further, write a tutorial or a whole new page.
  • If you have any trouble editing the docs, please tell somebody.
  • You can edit the page directly on Github, it's Markdown, so you don't necessesarily need to install MkDocs to contribute.

Getting started with MKDocs

Running your own dev docs server at (your computer) can be done by installing python, and then installing mkdocs.

> python -m pip install mkdocs

To run your local server run the mkdocs module with the serve command.

> cd MonoGame.Extended
MonoGame.Extended> python -m mkdocs serve
INFO    -  Building documentation...
INFO    -  Cleaning site directory
[I 170608 01:12:06 server:283] Serving on
[I 170608 01:12:06 handlers:60] Start watching changes
[I 170608 01:12:06 handlers:62] Start detecting changes
[I 170608 01:12:15 handlers:133] Browser Connected:

Now every time you edit a *.md file in the Docs/ folder the site will refresh with the latest info.

To add a new page, you must add Markdown file, and then reference it in the mkdocs.yml file somewhere appropriate.

All pages must be somewhere in the mkdocs.yml pages section, otherwise links to it will not work.