The MonoGame.Extended.Tiled library loads and renders maps created with the popular Tiled Map Editor.

Tiled is an open sourced free to use "generic tile map editor". Tiled lets you easily design and view tile maps, and through the Monogame.Extended.Tiled package, you can load and display a map generated with Tiled in monogame

To load a TiledMap into your project, you first need to add it to your ContentManager, and in order to compile the tile map for use in MonoGame you must add a reference to the pipeline tool.

Instructions to do so can be found here

Using the map in your game

To create and render a map you will need two new properties

// The tile map
private TiledMap map;
// The renderer for the map
private TiledMapRenderer mapRenderer;

In your Initialize() method, you can initialize the two methods

protected override void Initialize() {

    // Load the compiled map
    map = Content.Load<TiledMap>("path/to/your/map/file");
    // Create the map renderer
    mapRenderer = new TiledMapRenderer(GraphicsDevice);

To finally render and tick the map, call mapRenderer.Update(); and mapRenderer.Draw(); in their respective methods

protected override void Update(GameTime gameTime) {
    // Update the map
    // map Should be the `TiledMap`
    mapRenderer.Update(map, gameTime);


protected override void Draw(GameTime gameTime) {
    // Clear the screen

    // Transform matrix is only needed if you have a Camera2D
    // Setting the sampler state to `SamplerState.PointClamp` is reccomended to remove gaps between the tiles when rendering
    spriteBatch.Begin(transformMatrix: camera.GetViewMatrix(), samplerState: SamplerState.PointClamp);

    // map Should be the `TiledMap`
    // Once again, the transform matrix is only needed if you have a Camera2D
    mapRenderer.Draw(map, camera.GetViewMatrix());

    // End the sprite batch


Good luck and happy coding! :)