Super Pete the Pirate

Super Pete the Pirate

In the game you control Pete, a captain that is in your adventure at the sea. In the middle of the travel, his ship is looted by other pirates inside a dense mist. They take a very important thing to Pete: his hat. Pete is put on the board and is expelled from his ship. After the mist, Pete reaches a coast and decides to explore it, but something happens: he found the pirates that are with his hat! Now Pete want to recover his hat no matter what happens.

Watch the gameplay video.

Winter Defense

In this game you control a penguin that must save the winter crystal, which is being attacked by creatures that want to destroy it. The game was built in C# using MonoGame to a game jam.

The Attack of Goop

Game created to the Kolks Game Jam, made with MonoGame.


Tiles is a unique action-puzzle game that will both convolute your mind and burn your finger tips!

MonoGame - Engines, Frameworks & More

DDReaper talks about the framework in his youtube video around the 10 minute mark.